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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Puppy Buyer From Denmark? Hovawart Breeders Beware

When you are a Hovawart breeder you might want to be careful when you are contacted by a puppy buyer from Denmark. The Danish Hovawart puppy mill is out of operation but well underway with yet another relaunch attempt. As their latest relaunch attempt failed, they are trying a new tactic this time.

They are moving to a new address with new owners - still from within the same family - and try to set up a network of "satellite breeders". They have re-opened their website and added an additional website that denies everything that happened in the last twenty years in an attempt to window dress their reputation.

You might wonder why that matters to you and your puppies. Let me explain. As they have only few dogs left, they need to rebuild their stock. Like they have done in the past, when they bought Hovawart puppies from all over Europe while pretending they are just Hovawart-lovers and don't want to breed, hiding the fact they will only move them into their cages and breed for profit. Like it happened with Hovawarts as Cherry from Holland, Bamira from Poland, and many, many more.

This time they will not use their own names, or try to contact you themselves. They will let the new "satellite breeders" do that for them.

In short, if you have a buyer from Denmark, there is a risk your puppy will end up in their puppy mill. The photo on the right is showing how your puppy will spent the rest of its life. I know you don't want that to happen.

Use your Danish network to double check the buyers. If you have none, I would like to offer my help, by checking the buyer's name for you and see if it could be suspect. I count on the Danish network that fights the puppy mill, to pass me the names of people that are suspect and I can cross-check the name on both lists. I know it is not a guarantee, but at least there is something we can do, by working together across borders.

Please drop me a mail at kenzohw (at) gmail (dot) com, or send a private message on Facebook. All requests and names will be dealt with in complete discretion. I will not supply any names to protect people's privacy, but I will let you know when the name matches the name of a suspect person.

I know you will do your due diligence even sharper than usual, and put in your buyer contract your approval is needed if your puppy buyer ever would want to re-home of sell your dog.

Last but not least, let's not forget that people from Denmark are not suspects. We are dealing with just a few rotten apples we need to root out. The majority of callers from Denmark will be loving families, providing good homes for your dogs.

Thank you for helping. Let's keep one step ahead of them.


For the latest and how you can help, visit the page Stop Danish Hovawart Puppy Mill.



  1. Thanks for the great post - so glad you are helping people in this very important across-borders ploy by puppy millers. If a microchip ID could be made to safely transmit location, many of these bad actors could be caught, solving this and other problems too.


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