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Monday, October 20, 2014

Groundhog Day Has Arrived

It seems our achievements to make a perfect Hovawart lady out of "you know who I mean", is suffering a minor setback.

I am afraid to call her by name, as I am sure just mentioning her name will wake her up for a new round of mischief.

It all begun, when I felt waking up started to resemble a lot like going through groundhog day.

I found myself scrambling to get some clothes on in the morning, because the "the lady of the house" was hanging on each item of clothing I wanted to put on. Fleeing to the bathroom and dress over there did help, although the bathroom door is taking most of the beating for me, and will soon need to be re-painted.

Going on with my morning routine, a strange creature started following me, developing it's abilities to walk on its hind legs only, and using every available part of me for front leg support.

Finally, when we reach the kitchen, I get some relief, as the kitchen counter is undoubtedly a much better spot to place your front paws on and to practice some more hind-leg awareness. Evolution seems to be spinning out of control, and a whole new species, "canine sapiens", the upright dog, might be evolving right under my eyes.

The mouthing has returned too. Although this time, "she" only likes to mouth on things that are alive, like yours truly. It's positive though, there is only time to mouth when there is nothing to bark at, and I am impressed over the wide array of opportunities there are actually available to practice your bark at.

It is raining a lot of "No's", and "Noooo's", during the mornings, to no avail. But as groundhog day progresses, and we go for walkies, and train, some control is returned back to me again, I like to think. But just like the real groundhog day, it just gives some respite, to be able to charge up for tomorrow when everything starts all over again.

What happened you might wonder? Why the relapse? We didn't solve her jumping and mouthing, but it went so much better, and it seems that now we are back at square one.

Well, adolescence has arrived. That wonderful period in every dog's life, somewhere between the age of 14 and 18 months, in which they wish to forget everything they have learned so far.

It is no big deal though. It'll pass. Just like human adolescence, it is just a phase. Nothing a little patience can't cure. Until then, it is groundhog day over here.

With Kenzo, it was over in just a couple of weeks as I remember. Although for some dogs, it is a lot like starting over, and Tilde might just be one of those.

Oh, oh. She heard me.


  1. LOL! Oh how I remember Jasper's! Hang in thereeo! Groundhog Day will be over soon. It takes a while, but suddenly, before you know it, it will be done. :)

    1. Ha! I will miss it though, when that day comes!

  2. Giggle Giggle, chortle chortle, snigger snigger HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Side splitting laughter...... I hate to tell you this, but River still shows signs of this adolescence at 3 years of age. But seeing as I am well used to this sort of stuff, you could always send her over to me. As for the stealing of clothes in the morning - I think you have had a sneaky peak at a draft about Talulah doing the same thing. Have fun!

  3. Oh, dear. We're still in the toddler / first phase of saying NOOOO!!!! a lot. Don't remind me that it returns later with a bigger, stronger, smarter puppy.

    1. I hope it will be easy for you and Clover, as it was with Kenzo for me. He suffered from acute deafness for a while, but never revisited "bad" behaviors.
      Either way, time flies!

  4. Haha - oh my gosh! Harlow hasn't outgrown the adolescence phase yet. Monty didn't do it till he hit 7 - we are thinking maybe when she turns ten/elevenish? :)

    Monty and Harlow

    1. Ha! Harlow the eternal puppy? Armed with your sense of humor, I am sure you will survive!


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