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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sleeping Apart Together

The day after Tilde's arrival, we bought her a nice dog bed, an upgraded deluxe version of the one, Kenzo was already using for years. She was quite fond of it, and already on the same day, she claimed it as her own.

But sometimes, one bed, isn't enough. And at bedtime, she rushed ahead to pick her spot for the night. "Which dog bed do I, the princess, like to sleep in today?". Kenzo followed, and patiently waited for Tilde to make her choice, after which he trotted towards the remaining empty spot. Just before he could step in, a growling Tilde was rushing over to occupy it for him.

Kenzo remained calm despite the commotion, and started to move towards the other dog bed now left empty by Tilde, "You want that one? Alright, then I take the left-over", only to be stopped by a growling Tilde once more, who could just make a clumsy landing in the other dog bed, before Kenzo could reach it.

He did think it over for a moment, "So I guesss you need both then, well, alright". He has lived with a resource-guarder like Viva, and you'll need a lot more than a quarrel over a dog bed, to get Kenzo in a state of panic.

He laid down in the hallway, with both dog beds in sight, although looking the other way, as if he was not interested in either of them any more. It didn't take long, before restless Tilde left her dog bed, toddled down the hallway, to have a little sip at her water bowl.

As soon as Tilde was out of reach, Kenzo quickly laid down in his own dog bed. When Tilde returned from her water refreshment, she stopped in her tracks at the door opening. Kenzo, with his head up, looked right at her, "So... what are you going to do about it?".

Nothing, Tilde decided, and she laid down in her own bed again, and released a big sigh, while looking at Kenzo. After that, there were no more battles over dog beds.


  1. I can just imagine it. Kenzo will teach her a lot with his immeasurable patience! I remember when Sisko ever wanted something that Laren had, he would scout about to find something that squeaked. She would go to him, he would give her the squeaky item, and he would then rush to get whatever she had just dropped. She fell for it every time :-)

    1. Clever Sisko!
      Kenzo is just crazy about her Jan, like he was with Viva, but now as the senior I clearly see him make different decisions. Mentioning his immeasurable patience, is spot on!

  2. Haha - sometimes I think Tilde and Harlow are related!

    Monty (who feels your pain, Kenzo!) and Harlow

  3. Oh, how funny! Kenzo is a smartypants.

  4. I loved hearing how the situation was handled and had such a good ending. Kenzo is such a good boy!


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