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Saturday, October 4, 2014

That Day To Day Stuff

"It's benign", the vet said over the phone, and the longest exhale in my life could start making its way to freedom. In fact, I had to call her back the next day to recite the whole report she gave me, as I couldn't remember a lot more of what she said, other than those three words.

Nine days of waiting, pondering, worrying, pacing, and some more worrying, it all came to an end in one exhale. Live from day to day, they teach us. Dogs that is. And didn't Kenzo gave me yet another lesson in that department when we returned from his surgery, when he tried to make a high-five. I am a lousy student of dog life-lessons.

Honestly, the last nine days went by in a blur. I found the strength, after long conversations with Viva reminding me about our sunsets, to accept whatever was coming, and live from day to day after that, if it was bad. And if it was good, I would finally live from day to day too, we agreed.

Of course, for my readers I am willing to make a tiny exception, and look slightly forward, so Viva, close your ears.

With the tumors from Kenzo's paw removed, we finally solved the riddle why he had such a relapse in his recovery from his shoulder injury. The news, it is definitely not a re-injury of his shoulder, is almost just as good the tumor they found to be benign.

The vet had a confession to make too. Usually it is me that is second guessing, and I promise you I can be a real pain in the but for any vet. But when we had everything checked, his fungus infection cleared, as well as the infection in his paw, I insisted he still wasn't walking properly.

She actually didn't agree, but she knew I know Kenzo best, the way he walks and if he is doing that pain-free in particular, and we agreed there was no other option to have surgery and go in and look. The day I brought Kenzo in for his surgery and left, she took Kenzo in alone for one final examination, just to ensure if she hadn't missed anything, and to double-check if she could still get a pain response from his paw. "I was second guessing you", she smiled, and we were both laughing out loud.

Kenzo's recovery is still under way. When the wound from the operation has healed - it takes a little longer than usual as it is a difficult place between his paws - we can slowly expose him to some walks again. Certainly not overdo it. Just getting used again to use his leg and paw pain-free, have him checked with his therapy vet for any tensed muscles and such, and then ...

Then we, well, enjoy the day by day stuff again. I promise. The future is bright. Wait a minute ... oops, now I did it again. But I am trying.


  1. Large exhale here too - strong winds forecast as a result :-)

  2. Big smile and some happy tears for you and Kenzo <3

  3. When I read your very good news on Facebook, I had a pretty big exhale, too. Now hoping Kenzo heals rapidly from the surgery with no more worries.

  4. So happy the outlook for Kenzo is bright!

  5. Oh yay! Hi-5 from AZ! I'm so glad to hear this! :)

    Monty and Harlow


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