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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Poem For Viva: In Time We Froze

Viva, 2004.12.18 - 2013.11.11

You lived behind a shelter's bars
Because of people that couldn't see.
That beauty you had within
In need to be set free.

You only wanted to leave behind
The things you fear.
To feel safe in a place
Where your family holds you dear.

You devoted the years you had left
To pour your love allover us.
It made me wonder if I was worthy
But you said it was just becaus'.

You took the lead on sunset chases
The mirror of your soul so frail.
I wished your touch forever mine
It was to no avail.

In time we froze, one year ago
I felt your last exhale that made us part.
Your love left behind
A painting in my heart.

Still together behind closed eyes
For nobody to see. 
A place where there only is
You and me.



  1. Beautiful. Sitting here with lump in throat and tears in my eyes. A real cry from your heart here.


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