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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tilde's Paradise Shelter Days Caught On Camera

I mentioned it before. The shelter did an excellent job socializing Tilde. My little princess herself is living proof of that.

And now I have got my hands on some video clips to give a small peak into Tilde's shelter life, and what they did to socialize her!

Have a look, and see if you can find Tilde The Puppy between all the dogs:

I gave it away didn't I, with the text bubbles?

These are actually clips from a longer video about the work of the shelter - "Dyrenes Beskyttelse" in Denmark - and Mie Munck from the shelter staff was so kind to send it to me, as she knew I would love to see the clips where Tilde was playing her part. Thank you, Mie!

In the start you'll see all the pups including Tilde who were saved in the last raid of the puppy mill, both Hovawarts and Golden Retriever puppies. It's hard to distinguish Tilde from her siblings, but in the second part, where Tilde - who else! - is playing with the big dogs we know positively it is Tilde we are looking at, as Mie has confirmed.

These last shots with the adult dogs were taken after all the other pups were adopted, but Tilde's first adoption was delayed. As you might remember, she was abducted from the shelter by a gang that tried to hold her as ransom to release another dog, which as it turned out, was not in the shelter at all.

The whole kidnapping episode didn't affect Tilde though, I am sure. I guess, she just kissed and cuddled those kidnappers into giving her back. And when she returned, she happily resumed the good life with Mie, as the video shows. Soon after, Tilde was adopted by her 1st family, the ones before us that is.

I would have taken Tilde in either way, but both her and me are lucky she spent the first 3 months of her life in a good and caring shelter, instead of the dark stables of the puppy mill, ensuring those important first steps of a good socialization with dogs and people, a breeder would normally have taken care of.


Watch the complete video here.



  1. What a lovely treat to have early and happy video of Tilde in the rescue. That is one downside of rescuing a dog--the absence of early pictures and video. So glad you got to see your happy girl learning how to be confident and happy.

  2. Oh neat! I would love to have seen Monty as a puppy, or Harlow - you are so lucky!

    Monty and Harlow


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