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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Told You So

It bothered me. Kenzo didn't allow the young German Shepherd dog anywhere near Tilde.

He hardly allowed him to move at all actually.

A few days later, the same happened with a sweet Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Kenzo and me usually agree who we would like to meet and who not, but sometimes he sees more than I do, and I learned to listen to him. I know I can trust his judgement.

But this time, I didn't agree with Kenzo.

Both the GSD and the Staffie were playful but still very polite - always a good idea if you want to meet Kenzo, or meet Tilde with Kenzo around - and there was not the slightest indication of trouble. They behaved very well. I couldn't see any attempts to bully, neither did I see any signs of fear or aggression.

They were both young males though.

I smiled at the thought. Was Kenzo jealous?

We met the GSD soon after that first encounter. This time I only had Tilde with me, and at first I was reluctant, remembering how Kenzo didn't want to meet him. I decided to turn, and walked down the path alongside an earth-wall. The GSD and his person went up on the top of the earth-wall though, and moved in the same direction as us.

Both Tilde and the GSD were making playful attempts all the way while we were walking alongside, with only the slope of the earth-wall between us. They were both on the lead.

I looked over at the GSD multiple times. He was such a charmer. Every fiber in his body was saying "Please...?". Tilde did too. Then the GSD's person went slightly down the wall and asked if they could meet.

I gave it the last second of thought. I couldn't see anything possibly wrong. It would be ashame to pass this opportunity for Tilde to make a friend. Friendly, well-behaved dogs, are not falling off the trees in our neighborhood either. Darn it, I thought, Kenzo was just jealous, and I answered "Sure!", and we took the lead off both dogs.

Only seconds later I already had to intervene for the first time. The GSD was too strong and most of all too pushy, for Tilde. She tried her fiercest treatment, but he was not impressed. Slightly amazed, as not many boys can withstand Tilde when she unleashes her female fury, I stepped in.

We tried one more time, and the GSD's person was a great help in getting him calmed down, but it didn't work out. He was too overwhelming for Tilde, and Tilde didn't like it.

Well, I thought, it is good, Tilde at least got confirmed, she can trust me, and that I will help her, if she needs it.

For me, the bigger picture didn't really sink in though, until first after a while we also met the Staffordshire bull terrier alone with Tilde. I don't have to tell you what happened, and yes, I made the same mistake twice. Tilde thought, he was too much as well. I could see Kenzo in my thoughts saying to me, "I told you so!".

They were both great dogs. But I have to give it to Kenzo, he still is a much better judge of what is about to happen and who Tilde will like and who not, than I probably ever will be able to.

He wasn't jealous after all. Or maybe, it was a little bit of both!

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