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Monday, May 25, 2015

Tilde's Moment

It is just a moment. Tilde being Tilde. Tilde being silly Tilde.

Or is there more to it?

I want to get to know my dogs. I want to understand them as good as possible. Who are they? What defines their character. What makes Tilde, Tilde?

A lot of clues go lost in every day live. They go lost too in my projections of who I think they are. They go lost in dog-theory of who they are.

Like with Kenzo, who was the easy-going, we-are-all-having-fun type of guy, until we crashed alone together on a road-trip that revealed his true nature as a worrier and a protector. Or Viva, when she revealed her love of open spaces, nature, serenity, and her special spirituality.

I wonder if I just witnessed Tilde's moment.

The curiosity that made her crawl under that trampoline. The vivid imagination when she looked up and saw the light from the sun through a filter. The excitement she felt when she could see people above her like if they were flying through the light. The naivety to lay down on her back to observe the spectacle. The creativity to try and bounce the people back with her paws.

It was her ability of being open to new things, and her creativity of how to play with that, which struck me. Tilde knows no boundaries. Her imagination has no limits. I couldn't define her if I tried, I don't think she would fit into any box. She is unlimited.

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