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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Just a note from every day life this time, and a photo I wanted to share.

I shot this photo last week and can't help myself. I keep coming back to look at it.

After last week's encounter with the vet, Kenzo's smile and high-five speak volumes I like to think.

There is not much I can add in words, which Kenzo is not already telling in that photo.

Back to the note.

We're back at therapy with Kenzo, to help him recover from his tendon re-injury. The next two months we'll be doing short leashed walks and multiple training sessions daily with cavalleti's, high-fives, push-ups, and exercises on the balance disc. We've been there before, we know it is tough, but we'll make it through, just like last time. And on the bright side, I didn't opt for surgery this time, and expect that will save us a lot of time.

But what about Tilde? I caught her in the photo too, in the background on her "waiting-blanket". She is waiting patiently for her turn, although she looks more like a ballistic missile on a launch pad ready for take-off.

Tilde loves these exercises too. The walks, not so much. I quickly found out it was impossible to take her with us on Kenzo's short walks, the slow pace - we go very slow - frustrates her, even if she would still get a long walk with me alone during the day where she could run and play.

The solution was simple, and I started taking them on separate walks completely. It wasn't a big deal for Tilde. Kenzo is still her protector, but she is confident enough, although I guess there were a few encounters with other dogs she had wished her comfort zone to be right behind her.

Kenzo is looking very worried when I go out alone with Tilde, but I tell him not too. "I'll take care of her Kenzo. Remember, you taught me." I always say. He looks at me with disapproval, and saves his enthusiasm for when we return. After taking a good sniff of Tilde, he looks at me, pleased with my choice of company for Tilde while at the same time expressing firmly "Don't ... do that again."

I hope we can leave for the West coast next week and revisit Kenzo's valley and the beaches - walking through sand and surf is excellent therapy btw. Even if he will only be allowed to walk them for fifteen minutes on each walk, I know he is just going to love it.

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