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Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Hero

There we went, up into the spotlight. Me with Tilde, Dina with Emil, and Louise with Ronja. Three Hovawarts rescued from the puppy mill.

The host started talking, but I didn't hear what he was saying, as I tried to keep my focus on Tilde. Tilde was noticing one of the cameras was moving towards her and she sounded the infamous Hovawart alarm with a bark. The audience present in the studio laughed. More cameras zoomed in on Tilde.

She made me laugh too. Tilde didn't let me down. Many would think it to be embarrassing. I only see Tilde, being Tilde. She has a way to attract all attention.

Before we went on stage, we spent more than an hour at the reception, in waiting rooms, have microphones attached, and in the make-up room. Tilde greeted every TV staff member with the same enthusiasm and we reaped comments like, "She is full of life", "She is a spicy one, isn't she", and so on.

Everybody noticed her. That's Tilde and I am proud of her.

But my star, my hero, was Emil. As one of the oldest rescues to make it, Emil emerged from the deepest of places. Tilde was lucky, being raised in a caring shelter from just a few weeks old and with an equally caring first family. Emil wasn't that lucky. He spend the first months, maybe even up to his first year, in the puppy mill. Dina is his everything in life and she helped him re-find the path to life, don't ask me how. For Emil to be able to function in a busy studio is almost close to a miracle.

We waited in a room before going in to the studio, all dogs were tired and a little stressed. Emil jumped up, with his paws on Dina's shoulder and he laid his head to rest against Dina's chin. There he just stood. It was more than just a hello or a call for comfort. Through Dina, he was recharging. I am alright, he said, when you are with me.

Dina didn't know what to expect when we walked into the studio, some of the staff mentioned other dogs to be present and a lot of people as well, and she whispered to me "I am walking right out of there on the first sign Emil feels uncomfortable." She meant it. When it finally was time to go on stage it was Emil that went in front towards the host and the lady standing beside him, Emil didn't know that lady was Denmark's biggest rock-star who bought his freedom two years earlier, he just thought she looked cute. Emil smiled at her and wagged his tail. Dina knew he was good.

Standing behind them on the stage I couldn't do anything else than smile and feel proud of them both. Emil, the dog with the heart of gold, who happens to be a puppy mill rescue. Dina, his rescuer and angel. They are a match made in heaven, and the best advocates against puppy mills I can think off.

Emil and Tilde together on the West coast last year


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