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Monday, May 1, 2017

Conversations With A Hovawart #1: Treasure Hunt

"I think I am on to something."

"Good girl, Tilde! Keep on searching!"

We have been training to search for money lately. It seems premature to expect too much. On the other hand, it is not the first time I have underestimated my own ridiculously fabulous dog training skills.

While Tilde has turned on for her excavator and digs deeper and deeper, the thrill of a real treasure hunt starts to excite me. I am dreaming about Viking arm-rings, a rich smuggler stash and fat tourist wallets. Not necessarily in that order.

Then, finally, she marks something.

"I found it. It is a treasure."

"Really?" I scramble for my phone and press the speed-dial for the national museum while at the same time inspecting if my goatee is correctly coiffured for the army of press photographers who are no doubt already on their way.

"What is it Tilde, show me!"

"The ball I left yesterday!"



  1. We are always hoping the dogs will dig up one of them money bags. They are just hoping for a rodent. :)


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