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Monday, May 29, 2017

Conversations With A Hovawart #3: Mission Puppy

The line seems to have died. "Hello Tilde, are you there?"

After a long pause, Tilde answers. "It depends... Remind me again, what place are you visiting today in your attempts to ignore me?"

I had reached my last stop in all the traveling we had planned during May, probably the most important stop of them all. I had some good news I wanted to share with Tilde.

"I am in Amsterdam, at Schiphol airport, Tilde."

"Do they have ice-cream?"

"Probably, but I am not phoning to talk about ice-cream. I am about to meet a very young puppy who will become your little sister in one month from now. What do you say about that?!"

"So no ice-cream?"

"But you'll have someone to share your adventures with every day! Don't you think two is better than one?"

"Two ice-creams! Yes, much better!"


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