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Monday, May 22, 2017

My Territory

Tilde takes her responsibility to expel any intruders from her property quite seriously.
They shall not pass, or like Tilde would say, "On ne passe pas!" Which not only sounds better but also reveals her undeniable French roots.

So far so good, was it not for her alternative definition of "my territory". It means, according to Tilde, "everywhere I go and as far as I can see in all directions." I cannot find any evidence for her interpretation in any dictionary, not even in the French Napoleonic version.

Looking up at the sky during an otherwise casual and relaxing walk on a public beach, can therefore abruptly end this otherwise so peaceful setting, when a no-fly zone needs to be instantly erected and enforced over "her territory".



  1. Just like an English Shepherd.......wish I could meet Tilde and other Hovawarts

    1. I hope you will. You're bound to run into one sometime. Looking forward to hear about it when you do.


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