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Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing Diva the Mystery Mutt

Diva the Mystery Mutt
This is our entry for the Mystery Mutt Tour, where you can name the breeds of mystery dogs.

We are featuring .... Diva ! Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?

We stumbled upon Diva on Twitter through her dad Matthias Maly-Persy, an Austrian national who could speak Dutch, which caught my attention as Dutch is my mother-tongue. As it turned out, Matthias also had this wonderful "mutt" called Diva.

Can you guess which breeds are in her roots? Diva is 8 years old, 23 inches (59 cms) high by the shoulders and weighs 60 lbs (29 kilo).

To tell you some more that might help you analyze or guess her roots, Diva has an instinct for guarding around the house and hunting/tracking. She isn't a great retriever and also feels no need to herd. Yet Matthias never explored any herding instinct Diva might have any further (hint, hint). She is slightly shy of character, but very social towards people and dogs. Children can sometimes be too overwhelming, and she will quietly leave if she thinks their presence is too much.

Diva with Matthias in the Austrian landscape ... wow!
Diva loves to engage together with her family in the wonderful nature of Austria. She enjoys long walks in the woods and some swimming. Diva loves to jump over and through obstacles during the walks and create her very own improvised agility track.

Diva's favorite past time is to sing along with Matthias when he plays the piano! And she has great taste too, her favorite song is "Jump" from Van Halen, how cool is that?

Matthias had a big scare when Diva one time followed her hunting/tracking spirit in unknown territory and disappeared out of sight. It took 4 pain staking days until Diva was found again, as she happily returned by herself not far from the place they have seen her last.

Look closely, what do you see?
One other time Diva jumped on the edge of a cliff, slipped and fell 40 feet (12 m) down into the Danube river. But she is a great swimmer, and returned to the shore unharmed before Matthias could take his boots off to jump after her. She acted like it was intentional and couldn't understand what all the fuzz was about.

What breeds do you think can be found in Diva? Looking forward to your suggestions! The name of this blog might look like a giveaway, but it is not, there are 4 breeds in all you could find in Diva.

A big thanks to Edie, Peggy and Pup Fan, for organizing this fun Magical Mystery Mutt Tour.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Dog and a Rescue

The story of Shiloh is about the spirit of a dog and the love of a rescue.

Whoever it was that named her Shiloh - the place where Mozes took the Ark - couldn't have picked a better name. Already diagnosed with hip dysplasia at the young age of 1½ year, her chances for a fulfilling life seemed non-existing. Not for Shiloh. She defied all odds and made an unbelievable come-back. Fighting her way through the surgeries and rehabilitation programs without loosing her spirit and sweet character. Her special affectionate personality left intact. Today Shiloh is fully recovered from her ordeal and waiting for adoption.

The rescue that took her in, project HALO, fought the battle together with Shiloh. Understaffed and under-financed, they did everything in their power to help Shiloh. It took them more than a year. They cared for her in foster, spreading the word and organizing fund raisers for the necessary surgeries and treatment. When the funds finally came available they helped her through two FHO surgeries, one for each hip, and the following long rehabilitation back to a life with proper use of both legs.

Lets write a happy end to this story together. Spread the word. Retweet, like, and share Shiloh's story. And she will find a home.

Update January 2012: Shiloh adopted after 2 years


If you are interested in adopting Shiloh please visit to fill out an application or contact Rhonda at for more information


Monday, September 20, 2010

Shiloh is ready for you

This week is Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week, raising awareness of the wonderful pets who too often get overlooked. Pets like Shiloh. Spending over a year in foster, she has more then earned our attention.

Shiloh is a sweet 2-year old girl and has spend most of her life in a rescue and in foster. She is a real family dog and just gets along well with everybody. The people of the rescue where she resides say she is one of the most affectionate dogs they ever had. Her favorite past time is to give hugs and kisses. She has no issues with other dogs and is very playful.

Harry Potter

So why on earth is she not getting adopted? Well, first of all, she is from the Hovawart breed, a very unknown breed in the US. Which makes people reluctant. "A Hova...what? Is that from a Harry Potter movie?". But Hovawarts are absolutely great dogs. I have two of them. They are devoted to their family. They make excellent watchdogs. And unlike other watchdog breeds they will accept someone when you say the person is fine. They are from origin working dogs and they excel at anything in training or sport you would like to do with them. They will love it. And so will you.

Shiloh is 2000 years old

If it is not the breed, could it be the name? Shiloh is a beautiful name, but can carry the wrong message for some. Being named after the religious capital of Israel in Biblical times, the place where Mozes took the Ark, might seem like a heavy burden to carry for some. Or more "recently": one of the Civil War battles was fought at Shiloh, Pittsburgh. You might want to give her another name, I am sure Shiloh will like it just as much if not more.

Special care

When it is not the breed or the name, it must be that little extra care she needs. Shiloh has had health issues she is currently recuperating from. At a young age she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. The people of the rescue project HALO have taken excellent care of her. Shiloh has been operated on both hips and is in the process of recuperating from the surgery on the last hip. Her future shines bright. It will ask from you as a owner to take some special care of her as her muscle build-up still needs to improve. But imagine how this will deepen your relation even more. And the love she will give you. One of my own adopted Hovawarts, Viva, also had health issues. All the love I have given by caring for her, she gave back tenfold.

Meet Shiloh

Could Shiloh and you be meant for each other? Go over and meet her, talk with the people of project HALO. Shiloh is more then ready for you!

If you are interested in adopting Shiloh please visit to fill out an application or contact Rhonda at for more information.

You can also ask me, I can forward any questions you might have, or answer anything you would like to know about Hovawarts.


Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week is organized by Petfinder and the people of Blogpaws. More info you can find here and here.


Shiloh on petfinder
project HALO
More stories about Shiloh:
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Update January 2012: Shiloh adopted after 2 years


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blog the Change for Shiloh the Hovawart

Blog the Change

Today it is Blog the Change day. A wonderful initiative by Be the Change for Animals. So far I have been reading a lot of great and inspiring blogs. In particular the blog by @boulderdog Healing the Planet One Animal at a Time.

Looking in my heart I know what really would be the change for me. It is also healing the planet one animal at a time. And that one animal for me at this moment is Shiloh the Hovawart. For her to get healthy and live without pain. For Shiloh to find her forever home.

Shiloh has been in my sights now for more then half a year. She is only 2 years old. And all that time she has been cared for by the rescue project HALO (Helping Animals Live On). Me and my twitter pals have been tweeting almost daily for her and were able to raise enough donations for her to get a necessary 2nd hip operation.

But Shiloh is still in need of a family. It is now already more then half a year. If we could be the change for Shiloh, wouldn't that be a great change?

Update January 2012: Shiloh adopted after 2 years 


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Shiloh, Hovawart in need of help

Shiloh is a sweet girl in need for a home. She is currently being cared for by project HALO (Helping Animals Live On), a no-kill rescue organization based in Charlotte, N.C.

Only 1½ years old, Shiloh shows severe signs of hip dysplasia and recently had surgery on her left hip. Rehabilitation took several months with water therapy, needed to built up enough muscle mass so Shiloh could bear her full weight on her operated hip. Shiloh has just regained her confidence again and starts using her left leg fully. She now is able to run around for brief periods and loves to play with her toys and doggie friends.

She currently is on anti inflammatory and pain medication. The operation of the right hip is long overdue, but project HALO is in lack of funds to be able to perform this. Donations to help Shiloh receiving her 2nd hip operation are most welcome.

Shiloh has such a great diposition who gets along well with everyone. Her favorite pasttime is to give hugs and kisses. She is one of the most affectionate dogs the people of project HALO have ever met. She really just wants a family to call her own.

If you are interested in adopting Shiloh or donate, please visit the website of project HALO to fill out an application or contact Rhonda at projhalo(at)bellsouth(dot)net for more information.

More info is also available on Petfinder: Shiloh on Petfinder. I will also post updates with more info on this blog when it comes available.


Shiloh is being followed by the Twitter community a lot. A big thanks to these twitter pals for spreading the word of Shiloh on Twitter.

Update January 2012: Shiloh adopted after 2 years
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