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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Guarding Dog In Action: Hovawart Intruder Alert

1. "Who's that?". Here Viva and Kenzo notice a person at the end of the drive way and start to focus. Viva is on the left. Kenzo on the right.

2. "That's far enough". The person is approaching. Very clear body language of the lips in this one.

3. "Alert!". The person moved over the threshold. Kenzo sounds the alert.

The Hovawart is a guarding dog. They are wired to act suspicious towards anything new and unfamiliar that approaches their domain. If I would have opened the door and greet the person while telling them it is alright, Viva would cover the person in kisses right away. Kenzo would still be suspicious though. He will accept the situation, but will not loose the person out of his sight. First after a while or with a second meet, he will be able to relax more.

Anything the person would do during their first meeting to approach him, he would reject with a loud bark. How differently Kenzo behaves when we our out. Just yesterday in training class a person he didn't know came up to him, bend over (!), gave him a hug, and looked right into his eyes. Kenzo is maybe not thrilled when that happens, but he allows it.

I took these pictures when I caught Kenzo and Viva doing what a guarding dog does, and posted them on Facebook. They were so popular I thought you would like it if we shared them on our blog as well.


  1. I love how alert Kenzo & Viva look :) Great pictures of them doing their job!

  2. This is a great series of pics! I love how they know their job and do it without hesitation... or training! Lucas and Cooper are the same way. Emmett, on the other hand, would allow anyone to come in at anytime because they may just pat him!

  3. I love these photos. You were able to capture their reactions so well!
    Since we almost never have visitors our dog would react much the same way, though it takes forever to get her calm enough in a stranger's presence. If we are expecting people, we usually tag-team it so the person isn't instantly mauled. :-P

  4. Our dogs also have some guard dog in them and they always sound the alarm when someone is near.

    Get pics, like how they sequence out!

  5. Great pics! Love how well you captured their mouths :)

  6. Great photos. I know the mouth pucker quite well! :-)


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