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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kenzo in the Surf

We just returned from a 2-week trip to Holland. I had to work a lot, but spend all my time in the evenings with Kenzo and Viva. The place we usually pick for our stays in Holland is pet friendly and close to the beach.

Viva feels comfortable because she knows the place by now. And Kenzo loves it so much here because of the beach. There is only one thing on his mind as soon as we arrive. Where is the beach! When we go for a morning walk, he is determinately pulling me in the same direction: "it is over there, come on, hurry!"

The weather was bad during our stay, but Kenzo doesn't care about that. He loves to play fetch in the surf.

When there is a good surf, he loves to jump over and through the waves. Sometimes a wave catches him and he disappears for a short moment, until he surfaces again. With a huge smile on his face.

Kenzo working on his timing

Although wet, some of the evening walks were accompanied by spectacular sunsets and we enjoyed the view on an otherwise grey day.

The sun did come out one single day though. To Kenzo's disappointment, as there was no surf.

Where is the surf? I want the bad weather to return!

Hovawarts are no natural water dogs like Newfies, Labs and Retrievers. But they can enjoy it, just like any other dog. We got Viva swimming in a couple of weeks. And she was 6 years old and didn't like water when we tried first. Maybe one day she loves it as much as Kenzo does.

On one of our walks we met this fun Retriever, that preferred sand over water. Here he is together with Joska the Viszla - one of Kenzo's Dutch friends - in a fine display of team work. You dig, I get a sand rub!

You dig, I get a sand rub


  1. LOL! I loved the video of Kenzo. You could have fooled me! This Hovawart sure looks like a water dog! I was especially impressed that he likes to jump over waves. Wow!

    I also loved the pics of the Vizsla and the Lab. I have never seen a dog sit there while another dog covers them in sand. I doubt Daisy would have lain there during it, but very funny.

    Have a great weekend Leo, Kenzo and Viva!

  2. I will tell you what, Kenzo looks like he does better in the water than my Newfs! I love that he enjoys the waves so much!

  3. What a great vacation for Kenzo! Such fun pics and video. I LOVE the pic of the sun peeking out behind Kenzo, beautiful shot!

  4. These are such awesome photos! It looks like Kenzo definitely enjoyed the vacation. I love looking at photos of dogs playing in the water as it's not something I've ever gotten to do with my dog. The video was hilarious. He looks like a natural swimmer out there. I bet he was exhausted at the end of the day.

  5. @mel
    One time (on a former visit) a wave got him and we saw two hind legs in the air after which he disappeared ... 1 ...2 ... 3 and he popped up again. Looking like a seal from that distance. Maybe I get it on video one day, although it was scary first time it happened :)

  6. @Jen
    He did? Wow, who would have thought that. Coming from a Newf lover that is a huge compliment, thanks !

  7. @FiveSibesMom
    The sunsets were beautiful, somehow they never come out right on pictures, glad you could appreciate it!

  8. @Kristine
    You bet :) I have to restrain him when we are on the beach, because he just keeps on going, and he would just have muscle pains the next day if I didn't. Kenzo loves to roll himself in the sand as well so you can imagine how our bungalow looks like after a couple of days.
    The Viszla you can see on the picture also is not fond of water. But he has come far, and likes a swim as long the water is calm, and just for a couple of feet. Who knows with Shiva it could still come. And if Shiva doesn't like to swim, thats alright as well. Kenzo would love to trade with Shiva's agility skills :)

  9. Nice video of Kenzo in the water, he looks like a natural! I'm sure that the new crating system for your car came in very handy when you had to take 2 wet Hovies home!

  10. @Karen
    We are lucky, the place we stay is so close to the beach we don't need the car :)

  11. Ooooh, all I could think of is how cold the North Sea is. Kenzo is a brave boy.

  12. Sounds like a lovely time and that picture of Kenzo (?) in the sunset is priceless!

  13. @Pamela
    The water temperature is alright this time of the year. Kenzo would even like to swim in the winter which is not a good idea. One time he dived in and while we hurried back to the warm car, he got icicles in his fur! From that day on I always carry a towel with me when we visit the beach in the winter.

    Yes it is Kenzo, Viva doesn't join on the beach itself due to the many dogs we meet. She rather have a good walk in a quiet neighborhood :)

    Thanks :)

  14. Gorgeous dogs! Gorgeous pics!

  15. I likes the water. I go to the park sometimes. :)


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