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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My 7 Best Posts

Many thanks to Roxanne Hawn from Champion of My Heart for passing on the “my 7 best posts” to us. Here are the links to our 7 best blog posts:

1. Most Beautiful Post: The Small Fearful Dog Therapist

What is more beautiful than a dog acting out of kindness? Inspired by Kenzo’s special relationship with small fearful dogs we ask the question if dogs are capable of empathy, and if that behavior is nurture or nature.

2. Most Popular Post: Danish Breed Ban Rests on Historically Thin Basis

We can’t take credit for the most popular post as we didn’t write it ourselves, only translated it from Danish with the consent from the original author. It tells the scandalous conditions under which the breed ban in Denmark came about. And how politicians above all want to appear decisive and disregard the facts.

3. Most Controversial Post: Welcome to the Wall of Shame Irene Jarnved

Not many controversial things happened on this blog. Although some opinions we voiced did cost us some “virtual” friendships. Closest we can come to writing something controversial, is the “Wall of Shame Breed Ban” series. They moved around on Danish forums and FB groups, once more sparking the debate, and making Danes aware of the bad publicity their breed ban is receiving abroad.

4. Most Helpful Post: Are You Prepared For a Dog Fight

When my dad was severely bitten trying to break up a dog fight we wrote this post on how to prevent a dog fight and what you can do when you are in the middle of one. We still use the post when we are attending a dog fight discussion in social media, and hopefully made a contribution to dog bite prevention. Having a plan never hurts.

5. Post Whose Success Surprised Me: Embarrassment Is Not an Option

Meant to be a simple rant on why embarrassment is a useless human emotion that poisons the relationship we have with our dogs, it surprised me to find so many kindred spirits.

6. Post That Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved: Meet Shiloh, Hovawart in Need of Help

More than one year ago I first wrote about Shiloh the Hovawart and it leaves me with mixed feelings. Enough money was raised to get Shiloh through her needed hip operations. But Shiloh never found her forever home and is still at the rescue. She is still awaiting adoption.

7. Post I’m Most Proud Of: Open Letter to Merete Eldrup

After seeing the appalling video with the collapsing vet euthanizing 19 puppies, this post was the first of a series in protest of the Danish breed ban. Among others it led to an international petition in protest of the Danish breed ban – you did sign the petition right? -  and other bloggers decided to speak out against BSL in Denmark as well.

Passing it on

We are passing the “my 7 best posts” on to these bloggers, looking forward to see what they will pick:

Julie Danbolt -Moody Mudi

Julie Nutter – Dogs and Tails

Jana Rade – DawgBusiness

Karen Friesecke – DoggyStylish

Jen – My Brown Newfies


  1. Thank-you for passing on the torch! When little Mr. Dexter allows me, I will get working on my 7 posts :D

  2. I didn't realize there were so many that I had missed, so this was a great opportunity to catch up. I loved the one about Kenzo and the little dog therapy. That was just so awesome and very sweet. Thank you, thank you, for one about embarrassment. That really hit home in some many ways. The shame of not having 6 perfect dogs or owner sometimes can be so hard to deal with. Sometimes I'm just trying to do the best I can and I don't always know what to do. Thanks for that post. I really needed to hear it!

  3. Thanks you for passing this onto us! You have a lot of wonderful posts, I don't know how you narrowed it down!

  4. @Karen and @Jen
    You are welcome :)

    Glad you did and thank you for the nice words.

  5. Great collection of posts! I love the work you're doing to tell the truth about BSLs.

  6. Fantastic selection - you really do have a ton of great posts on here!

  7. Some familiar posts and some new ones too. And all worth reading.

    I was very touched to read about Kenzo and small dogs. Some dogs (and some people) have the gift of healing. It sounds like Kenzo may be one of those dogs.

  8. @Pup Fan
    Thank you. It was a fun exercise as well going through all the posts. Some I forgot myself and thought, did I write that ?!?

    Glad you liked it. I am so proud of him.

  9. Great post choices, one and all. Thanks for sharing them.


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