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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Keep On Smiling

It's very difficult to be sad with Tilde around.

We had a bad week over here. First, we learned that Kenzo's best friend Joska the Viszla had passed. Then our cat, Jule, also passed.

Loss had hit once more, and we were automatically drawn to travel to the West-coast. Away from human troubles and every day life. In a place that for us like no other embodies the end of the world, and where nature does its work of repairing the soul. Maybe we could pick up a sign from Joska and Jule they were ok, once we were there, too.

But like I said, it is very difficult to feel blue with Tilde around. Tilde is absolutely in oblivion of the mood I am in, unlike Kenzo, who is very sensitive to it. He would sit beside me, and no doubt lay a paw on my shoulder, come with a toy, anything to cheer me up. Tilde couldn't care less what my actual mood is, she has more important things to do, and leaves me with just one option. Jump on-board.

And so we went ahead, hiking the West-coast beaches and heath fields, as the faithful (ob)servants of Tilde's life. I shook my head when she chased seagulls in vain. It was my turn to chase Tilde too, shouting "Leave it! Leave it!", when she ran over the beach with the biggest price she had found so far. A humungous cod-head. My hart started to race when she bolted after a rabbit towards the horizon. For five minutes I couldn't see her, until I arrived where she seemed to have disappeared, and could see she was in a ditch, looking for the rabbit that probably hid in his hole. The embarrassment when she jumped onto a lady unexpected, followed by relief when the lady was so kind to reveal she was packed with liver dog treats. The utter surprise, when Kenzo suddenly started to join Tilde in counter-surfing, meaning years of training going down the drain in the blink of an eye. Welcome to the roller-coaster, called Tilde.

The look she gives me on those moments of mischief leave no room for misunderstanding: "This was fun!". A look that quickly changes into, revealed by the white in her eyes, "What's next?!". Life is good when you are Tilde. It is too for us, to have her in ours. Maybe I am saddened by events, but there is not a day that goes by without a laugh thanks to my silly girl.


  1. Dogs are Gods of frolic...

    With as bad as our year was this year, we were happy to have the pups to remind us to find a reason to smile.

    I'm so sorry for the passing of your kitty and pup friend.

    Monty and Harlow


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