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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Valley and A View

The light in the sky signals the end of Winter and the return of color is underway. It is a special time of the year when the days start to get longer. People venture out more. I think we meet twice as much dogs on our walks these days, as we did during Winter.

All of us can have strong feelings around a change of seasons, a certain holiday, or a time of year.

For me the arrival of Spring up to Easter is my special time. Viva joined us just before Easter, now many years ago. So did Tilde, although just after Easter. When we buried Viva's ashes and planted a tree for her, it was close after Easter as well and Tilde was with us for the first time shortly after. Viva rests on her own little spot, over there on the West-coast. The one place she loved most.

Viva is calling. We are leaving for the West-coast again. We will be reunited, Kenzo, Tilde, and Viva. Her spirit is present and strongest over there. I am drawn to it like no other. We will start our sunset chasing season as Viva would have liked it, and watch how much her tree has grown since last year.

One of my dreams was to find a valley with Kenzo on his old age where we could enjoy the view and I could recite our silly adventures. Kenzo isn't old yet. Not yet. But I know exactly which valley and view should be ours. And why not start today. Over there on the West-coast.


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