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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Window Of Opportunity

Next month it will be one year ago we adopted Tilde. In many ways she hasn't changed a bit. In many ways she has. She is no longer trying to fit in. No longer Kenzo's protégé. Less dependent on me and Kenzo to find her brave self.

She has done a lot of growing up. On the surface an adolescent. Inside a vessel of life experience already. Only with few occasions she still needs my help. Like recently. The path to the forest was flooded by a whole day of rainfall, we had to wade through knee-deep water to continue our hike.  She stepped in a hole and rushed back to dry ground. Tilde doesn't like to swim. I waited for her while standing in the water. Kenzo was ahead of us and had almost reached the other side. She studied me, and looked over at Kenzo. I was standing up to my ankles in water. She took careful steps through the water towards me. Together we waded slowly to Kenzo on the other side. Tilde followed right behind me. I felt the touch of her nose on the back of my knees with almost every step we took.

We looked into each others eyes when we reached dry ground. Her eyes revealed victory. I felt honored by her trust in me. She rarely needs my help anymore and I was glad for the opportunity. We returned the next day and she raced right through the water.

Kenzo is her other pillar. He is her bear. The grumpy bear, she can lean on for protection although she hardly needs it anymore. Her teddy bear, for cuddles. Her play bear, to misbehave and test limits and boundaries. Foremost, he is her bear. A bear with infinite patience for the youngster he has come to love so much.

Maybe it signals the end of our window of opportunity in which she needed our help. She is all growing up now, our little girl. She'll do just fine. If she needs us, we are right here.


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