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Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Memories

I kneel down next to Viva's tree with a view over the heath fields. The ground is cold from the night's frost. The fields are blueish with frozen dew, and hide the brown color they carry at this time of year. I hope we can witness a sunrise together, Viva's tree and me.

The pain of her passing is gone.  I can't touch her, can't smell her, can't talk with her. But I can feel her. She is with me. I don't miss her anymore. I don't have to, when she is with me. We stare at the sunrise in silence, the tree and me.

It was Viva who made me stop, made me slow down and notice the beauty on the other side of the door. Observing Viva's tree in the sunrise reminds me of what she taught me. With the sunrise we found a new thing to share and enjoy. With the sunrise we're shaping new memories once more. Viva and me.



  1. Beautiful. I don't think I have the pain from missing Sam, but just an emptiness where he was. It's not as huge as before, but I still feel it.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Leo, you seem to have a true gift for conveying love beyond space and time. For those of us who have lost a pet, we are sitting on that hill with you trying hard not to be rewounded too deeply by their absence as we momentarily share your world. Perhaps what strikes me the most though is the goodness and richness of your experience carried forth from Viva to all future pets lucky enough to adopt you. Thank you for sharing and for caring! oxox :-) Kathy Lindner


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