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Friday, March 13, 2015

Tilde's Ambitions

When you have read my blog from the start, you know I participated in all kind of dog classes with Kenzo. Obedience, tracking, defense, SAR, and more.

I had to learn the craft as it was all new to me. It was a road of stumble and fall, partly because of the trainers we met, partly because training in a group for some kind of diploma simply distracts from what it is about.

A class is a 8-session steaming course of what is required for the diploma on a specific level. Each class holds 10 students or more. The room for help from a trainer and to split every exercise up in steps is not even an option. It made each dog class as full of ambition and stress as we are used to from our human lives.

I never had a problem with taking a specific class three times in a row. Me and Kenzo took the time we needed, but in the end, we couldn't deal anymore with all the stress around us. Training in itself is fun and it should be. Training in a club with a group wasn't anymore. We became strangled by the ambitions of others.

We still train a couple of times a week, for ourselves. Kenzo has become an apt tracker foremost. But he won't refuse a rabbit hunt when he can find their scent on the trail. That's fine with me. We are not tracking for lost humans and have no responsibility other than to enjoy ourselves.

My skill set for training is up to date on the level I need it to be. We can train for ourselves. Friends we meet on our walks do worry, why they have never seen Tilde on the training tracks. I can see from the expression on their faces, they think I am giving Tilde a miserable life. The dog training class scene can be so judgmental.

I remember once when we trained with Kenzo on basic level a woman and her Lab joined. The Lab was five years old. He performed outright excellent. He is just that way the lady explained, they never tried to train before. Wasn't he amazing. She quickly moved from level to level, until they reached the final level and there the Lab halted. She screamed and cursed at her dog, left, and we never saw her again.

An excessive example of human ambition. I guess Tilde's ambition will not be that extreme. I will spare her from the theater, and focus on what matters. Training should be fun. It should be about improving the bond and the connection we share. For me it is not about human ambitions, I can get close to Tilde without the titles.


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  1. Thank you Leo, for saying what I also think, and so articulately.


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