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Monday, April 3, 2017

A Hovawart's Throne

Hovawart on her throne

Every Hovawart has a throne and Tilde is no exception. She has an issue though. Her throne is standing back home in Copenhagen, a long way from where we normally stay on the West coast. She was reunited with it last week when we made a visit home.

Tilde's first priority after coming home was to thoroughly sniff all the rooms in the house and she couldn't believe what she found out. Could it be true, strangers had visited while she was gone? I could confirm her suspicion. Sorry about that Tilde, those are all those potential house buyers you know. Tilde was appaled.

She decided it was absolutely imperative to restore the correct balance in Hovawart universe as soon as possible and she decisively jumped up on her throne, a sofa standing in the middle of two rooms from where she has a panorama view of the outside, with windows in front of her, to her left and behind her.

Firmly positioned on her throne, she immediately exerted a sense of control. The expression on her face underlined she was serious. We started to unpack the car, but she ignored us, staring watchfully out of the windows. While she had been away, things clearly had gone terribly wrong, and she was determined to not let it happen again. At least not on her watch.

Tilde started preemptively to bark at people passing by on the road, without leaving her throne ofcourse. Some barks were a little high-pitched I noticed, an indication that some of the two- and four-legged passing by were friends. But they had to wait, she had a job to do first.

After fifteen minutes of asserting her realm and ensuring everybody in the neighborhood must have heard about her homecoming too, Tilde was content with her hard work and sounded the "all-clear" signal by laying herself to rest on her throne. She could relax once more. We pretended, we could first relax now too.

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