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Monday, April 17, 2017

The Nose Knows

Easter honored its reputation for new beginnings, the start of Spring, and the return of light. The weather took a turn for the better and with time-off from work we had ample time on our hands to play "Lost", one of our favorite games. In "Lost" we get dropped in unknown territory and let Tilde's nose decide which path to take.

It sounds more adventurous than it really is with Tilde, as all her paths eventually lead to the same place: the beach. Not home, in case you wondered.

This looked like a great place to get "Lost". The landscape seems endless, there are plenty of trails to follow and dunes to climb. In no time we were off, following the salty air coming from the West.

Sometimes the trail ended into a dead-end when someone decided to follow deer scent instead of salt. But one of the rules of the game is not to go back, and we have to push forward by all means. Luckily Tilde found a new wildlife-trail in between the trees.

We might have to compromise on that no going back rule anyway. That's kinda steep downhill Tilde. I guess you know that too right? Just asking in case you think today is the day where you can fly.

When we finally left the bush behind us she clearly was on to something. I could pretty much guess what sight awaited us behind that ridge.

Victory! She found it. It is her lucky day too, when I see all those humans for her to cuddle and dogs to play with.

The nose always knows where the beach is! Now, let's play Tilde!


  1. We love doing nose journeys! They are so much fun! Glad you had a great time playing lost with Tilde.

    1. Aha, a kindred spirit ! :) Glad to hear you enjoy those nose journeys too.


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