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Friday, April 21, 2017

Remind Me Again, Who Rescued Who?

Today three years ago, we went to the shelter to rescue Tilde, ignorant of the fact we would board a roller-coaster without brakes that very same day. Words like mischief and mayhem have a whole new meaning to me since then.

It was a good day. I remember how Kenzo and Tilde followed each other all over the place when we got home. Just smiling and enjoying each other's company.

Since that day, Tilde made us laugh every day. Sometimes we laugh out of frustration over her latest antics, sometimes we laugh when she leaves us baffled by her creativity for always choosing the option least expected, sometimes we laugh out of embarrassment. But laugh we do. Every day. Despite the current world-news and the setbacks in life, from which we all suffer, Tilde makes sure a laugh is always just around the corner.

My late grandmother, who passed around the same time when Viva left us, used to say: "A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted." I remember how she would in particular enjoy a laugh when it had been a hard or troublesome day. As soon as she realized someone had made her laugh on such a day, she would proclaim her motto and laugh even more, genuinely thrilled and enjoying that even on the darkest of days she had still managed to laugh.

To an extent, because I see Tilde as the result of an aligning universe as she is our Easter bunny like Viva, I also like to think Tilde to be a special emissary send by my grandmother to ensure we never waste a day. It's a good thought I wish to hold on to.

It makes me wonder who was actually doing the rescuing, Tilde or me? She sure makes each day brighter.

Happy Gotcha' Day, Tilde! Lets laugh some more.



  1. Have you eve looked at the English Shepherd breed? They remind me of Hovawarts, but smaller and with a wider variety of coat colours and markings. There are quite a few in Europe now, but most are in the USA.

    1. Lovely dogs. Tilde is sometimes seen as en english shepherd mix.

    2. One of my childhood neighbours had one. She used to hang out with me, as her owners' children had grown up and moved away. Tilde does look like one. How big is she?

    3. She's small for a Hovawart, 60cm tall and 25kg

  2. I find the same thing with our dogs. They always make me feel better no matter how good or bad the day is going.

    What a lovely sentiment to your Grandmother and Tilde. Keep smiling!

    1. Even when they support us in different ways, like Kenzo with his concern and empathy, or Tilde with her enthusiasm and humor. The outcome is indeed always the same, they always make us feel better!


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