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Monday, April 10, 2017

A Tale Of Two Easter Bunnies

Once upon a time, during an Easter holiday.

I remember it well. A Hovawart afraid of other dogs was up for adoption. Why she was so happy for Kenzo we will never know, although I am sure we can make a good guess, because being supportive of fearful dogs had always been Kenzo's thing. Taking her home with us became quite a challenge, but not because of the dogs, but due to vacationing decision-makers and failing ATM's. But we brought her home for Easter that same day nonetheless. Our first Easter Bunny. It was Viva.

Once upon a time, during another Easter holiday.

I remember it well. We had just spend Easter on the West-coast. It was the first Easter after Viva's passing. When we returned home we received news a former Hovawart rescue was up for adoption for the second time. Her first adoptive family following the puppy mill's closing, had returned her to the shelter. It was Tilde.

The last thing to cross my mind was to adopt a dog. I felt it was too soon still. Too soon after Viva. I went out to see Tilde nonetheless.

The moment when I first laid my eyes on her is still engraved in my memory. Tilde came rushing out of the shelter-building and into the yard. Her overwhelming energy and exuberance was undeniable. I was observing her from a little further away, together with Kenzo, and Tilde hadn't noticed us yet. She first had to greet a cat and hunt some birds. When she finally noticed us she came rushing over and conquered me and Kenzo on the spot with her youthful charm. I realized any resistance against bringing this lively youngster home was futile. My reservations melted away like a soft-ice in Summer.

Like Viva before her, we took Tilde home with us the same day we met. Once again, we welcomed an Easter Bunny.

We celebrate Easter again in this coming week, in it's meaning of re-birth and new beginnings. Not because it was written in some ancient scripture, but in the spirit of these two wonderful Hovawart ladies who brought new beginnings into my life before I even knew I needed them, Viva and Tilde.

Happy Easter !


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