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Monday, June 5, 2017

Visiting The Puppies

Zerline "uit de Groetpolder"

After one and a half year of searching, waiting, and hoping, the day was finally there. I was about to lay my eyes on our new aspiring family member for the first time. Tilde's upcoming little sister.

In a cloud of expectations, I walked right passed the house where she exactly three weeks earlier was born. Atie and Cor, the breeders, luckily noticed a confused person passing by their windows going around in his own thoughts, and were so kind to reach out and save me from becoming a stray and never find my puppy.

I was in particular eager to meet the two blond sisters of the litter. Puppy "red" and puppy "light-blue". Just a few days earlier Atie had given them names too, Zerline and Zaza.

Zerline, puppy "red", stole my heart. I couldn't help myself for seeing some Kenzo in her, especially the way how she seemed to do her own thing amidst her litter-mates. In the end Atie and Cor will decide which puppy fits best with which family, so I will try not to get my hopes up too much. But if it was up to me, it will be Zerline. She will be a great match with Tilde too.

There was one other who stole my heart, but that was not a puppy. It was mother Amber. A wonderful Hovawart, who welcomed us inside and showed her puppies with enthusiasm. Amber was a very kind, friendly and outgoing spirit. At the end of our visit, I think I had cuddled more with mother Amber than with her pups.

The last long wait begins. Sleepless nights are ahead. I furiously hope they all keep developing themselves into the healthy pups they already seem to be.

If you like, you can follow the puppies and mother Amber's development on Atie's blog, Athina van de Berenkerk - Amber's official name - with a short story and new photo's every day.

Zerline almost 3 weeks old

Zaza almost 3 weeks old

First photo of the blond sisters Zerline and Zaza, right after they were born



  1. This is great news - can't wait to meet her both "on-blog" and in person. xxx

  2. So excited for you!

    And so glad you're sharing a glimpse into the world of a responsible breeder. So many people don't understand the difference between a good hobby breeder and someone who has a litter of puppies in their backyard.

    But one look at the clean whelping box, the engaging toys, and the sweet pictures of the pups with their names on the slate shows a lot.

    1. I agree, I also think the difference is harder and harder to tell, as they get better to disguise themselves for the general public.


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