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Monday, July 31, 2017

Hovawart TV: Zerline The Surfer

It was an impressive sight for Zerline. The first time we went to the beach she dared to go up all the way to the shoreline to have a closer look at all that boiling water and listen to the waves roar.

That was three weeks ago. I silently hope that when she gets older she will enjoy to surf the waves and swim in the ocean just as much as Kenzo once did.

Since her first encounter we spent many days on the beach. We let her play a little in the shallows that remain after the tide resides. One day, as you will see in the video, our bold puppy stepped through the water in a one of the shallows to claim her own little island, although she wasn't sure how to return to solid ground once she got there and decided to lick that new salty taste of her legs instead.

Then suddenly it happened, that day where she shook off any reservations she might have had and stepped into the moving water, felt how the sea pulled on her feet, and didn't blink an eye.

We have a start.

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