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Monday, June 26, 2017

Countdown To Zerline, Eight More Days

Atie sent me this photo of Zerline getting acquainted with the transport bag which will bring her from Holland to Denmark. The photo captured a moment which stood out from all the other cute puppy photos I received during the last couple of weeks. The photo captured Zerline making a symbolic first step on her path which will lead to us. It signaled how close we are to having her here. How close we are for everything to become real.

I sent the transport bag ahead to Atie a while ago, basically for Atie to be able to keep an eye on Zerline's size and if the bag would not become too small for the ever so fast growing pup. Atie also insisted to let Zerline get comfortable with the bag which will carry her to her new home, and started to familiarize her with it since last week. A great idea.

Most preparations for the trip itself are made by now. I called every representative from the airline, the airport's Veterinary Centre as well as customs at the airport, to ensure none of them will suddenly ambush us during our travels, while waiving with a copy of a form we should have filled out but are lacking.

You never know when you cross borders - even within the European Union - and I wanted to have all the information I read and heard on the Internet vetted. I never devoted so much attention to the preparation of a trip before, paid attention to so much detail before. This small puppy is already changing me.

In the upcoming week, Zerline will continue with other, equally important preparations. As you can see below, she isn't sure yet her puppy teeth are sharp enough. Something tells me, she will have them exactly perfect in a week from now.

The countdown is on, just eight more days!



  1. Yes 8 days times go fast, we will meet again with Zerline.

  2. So exciting. When we arranged to fly Clover to us from Virginia to Colorado, my husband said it sounded like I was planning a military operation. Lots of phone calls. Lots of paperwork. SO many details.

  3. Be still my beating heart-8 days and counting...


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