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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Goodbye Rules, Welcome Grandparents

Tilde seems to know that once a year, when the grandparents make the long trip to Denmark for a visit, it signals the return of a window of opportunity in which everything once again is allowed. It will mean a short break from her mature life, maybe even a return to puppy-hood. For her, and just maybe, for all the involved too.

She does have a talent for sniffing out the people who will allow her to do just about everything and let her forget about those "people rules" once in a while. The grandparents are on the top of the list which Tilde keeps for people without rules.

The visit quickly turns into a yearly feast of jumping, biting, mouthing, pulling and an overabundance of snacks and food disappearing miraculously from tables. The word "no" seems to have magically vanished from everybody's vocabulary too.

Tilde gives a furry dimension to the famous words of the American poet Ogden Nash who once said, "When Grandparents Enter The Door, Discipline Flies Out Of The Window." It seems to apply to dogs too.

Or maybe it's just Tilde and her Opa?



  1. For your sake, I guess it's good these visits are special occasions. I find that my husband creates a no-rules zone for Honey. And now that he's with her all the time on the boat, all my training is going to hell. :)

    1. I so agree, they have a blast and leave me with the repair work :)


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