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Monday, June 12, 2017

Feeling Involved, Puppy Buyer 2.0

Since the puppies were born, I get up at the for me unholy hour of 6:30 am, to turn on the computer and check out Atie's daily blog update about the puppies hoping for a glimpse of Zerline before I even make coffee.
Tilde silently protests against this change in routine by ignoring me completely and continuing her beauty sleep until breakfast time. Which should be punctually at 8-ish am.

After work I run errands, usually bringing home something we need for puppy Zerline, like toys, baby-gates, carpets, etc. all with new interesting scents, but oddly enough for Tilde, these things never get unwrapped. How boring, Tilde seems to think, as the packaging is the fun part of all that new stuff which is now all going to waste.

Tilde keeps an eye out when I am working outside on the new fence - similar like the one I have build at home - which should first and foremost be Tilde-proof. Just to make sure she doesn't teach Zerline her escape artist skills. She closely monitors my progress, while probably memorizing any construction flaws I make for later use.

Each day I take care of some of the things we need to get done to prepare for Zerline to arrive. I take good time working through the list of things to do, trying just to do a couple of things every day to get a sense of progress. The list is not written down though, as to-do lists freak me out, I am more of an improviser. The length of a to-do list of What To Do Before The Puppy Comes Home, would probably install fear into the most avid practitioner of an organized life-style as well.

I chat or mail with Atie a couple of times during the day, maybe just me asking some questions, or Atie wanting to mention a funny tidbit she experienced with Zerline, or something she noticed about her, during the day. At the end of the afternoon or early evening, I watch the webcam Atie has set up. It is wonderful to see the difference from day to day during those daily broadcasts. The puppies grow fast  from being small helpless creatures into bold and active Hovawart puppies.

There are only three weeks left before I will travel to Holland and pick up Zerline. My new routine, the preparing routine, gives me purpose and makes time fly during these last couple of weeks. Thanks to Atie, who makes all of this possible, and goes to such great length to involve the future homes of her puppies. It makes the whole experience unforgettable. To witness and be a part of Zerline growing up from birth is something I will cherish forever.


  1. Until I got Honey, I had only ever known one of my dogs from only a few weeks old. And that was when I was a child.

    It's a wonderful adventure you're embarking on. I hope Tilde enjoys it as much as you will.

    1. It's a first for me. Kenzo was already 3+ months when I met him.

  2. I am really impressed with your breeder! I love the amount of involvement you are having with your new pup and she's not even home yet. Having had one litter almost 10 years ago, things have changed so much.

    It is amazing how fast they grow, almost before your eyes! And think about how much you will already know her before she is in your hands. I find this truly awesome!

    Can't wait to hear of your new adventures together with Tilde.


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