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Thursday, June 8, 2017

We Match! It Will Be Zerline

Zerline, 4 weeks

Zerline, "the searching one", has found her home. With us!

When Atie, the breeder, told us she made her match, and matched Zerline with us, I felt overwhelmed with joy. Zerline was exactly what I had hoped for.

Soon our story together can begin, a story in which a searching person meets a searching dog. No doubt we are going to change each other's lives. Because all the dogs I have, or once had, always had that gift. Zerline will bring her own. Whatever it will be and wherever she will take me, I embrace it. All I have to do is empty myself from expectations and let her tell me who she is, first then can I unwrap Zerline's true gift.



  1. What happy news! Of course, as you note, Zerline will have many surprises for you.

    Our breeder matched Honey with us because she was calm and tiny. Every day I lift her up the companionway, I think her breeder for that wisdom to match us.

  2. How wonderful for you! Can not wait to meet the little one and all the new adventures!!

  3. I'm so happy for you all! Onward to this wonderful new adventure. I can't wait to hear the stories as they unfold.


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