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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Paradise Of Senses

I am thoroughly enjoying some of our last hikes in which it will be just Tilde and me before Zerline will join our family. Tilde has become such a great hike buddy over time. We're such a good team now, both on the threshold of the next chapter, holding a new adventure for us all.

Unlike Kenzo and Viva before her, Tilde is the only one who not only visited, but actually grew up in the rugged landscape of the Danish West-coast through adolescence and into early adulthood. Like no one before her, she also made this relentless environment her own. Tilde has most miles under her belt, most adventures lived through, most hurdles overcome.

The West-coast is her realm. She breaths the salty air, sand flows through her veins and the raging west storms bounce off her impermeable coat. She is Queen, Tilde.

Where to find the fun, where to make some of your own. What to eat and what not. What to chase and what to let go. Zerline will quickly learn the ropes with Tilde as her guide. Zerline will land in a paradise of senses, with so much to learn and observe. It will be thrilling to watch her follow in Tilde's footsteps.


  1. Ze zal Tilde nodig hebben maar ze heeft een eigen wil en ik verheug mij op de verhalen, er zitten genoeg streken in deze dame. Het leven zal niet saai worden met Zerline erbij.

  2. I love those beautiful dunes. Zerline will be lucky to have such wonderful guides when she gets to explore them.


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