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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Rediscovering Beauty

The rapidly swelling buzz of hundreds of bird wings made me look up in the air. A flock of Starlings made a fly-over that low, I could have touched them if I would have reached my hand out. Tilde took a sprint after them. Jumping, barking, like a crazed jack-in-a-box. Zerline, who was sitting down, looked up in amazement. Her gaze followed the birds until they disappeared over the horizon. She was mesmerized.

We are finally home at the West-coast. Zerline, by now already an experienced traveler, had to manage one more road trip. The last lap in the road to home, from Copenhagen to the West-coast. It was worth it.

There is so much to discover for her here. Nature, with all its scents and sounds, critters and creatures, can be overwhelming for a small puppy. But curiosity seems to be Zerline's unlimited resource and drives her ever forward. She notices everything, takes her time to observe and process her impressions, before she trots further into the wide, wide world.

I am smitten by her curiosity for all things. She makes me rediscover some of the things I have gotten far to used to over time. Zerline lets me see and appreciate things anew. She points out the beauty and awe right in front of us. I feel like a kid who sees a butterfly for the first time. Or like a dog who made her first trip to the beach. Like Zerline.


  1. Sounds like Zerline is doing a very important job.

  2. Goose bumps as if they United and free the world should and can discover. And that they make you over again nature.

  3. So nice to see the sweet little Girl at the Westcoast. Greetings from "the distinguished Gentleman" on his 14. Birthday

    1. Thank you and glad to hear Baxter is still going strong. 14 years, just wow!

  4. Sweet baby. So happy to hear how much fun you're having together.

  5. How beautifully put. Sounds like she is quite the discoverer and I love how she is letting you see the world through her eyes.


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