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Friday, July 21, 2017

Conversations With A Hovawart #4: The Union

"Can we have a word?"

Zerline looked serious. Those big brown puppy eyes told me she had something important to share. I laid down my camera and reporters notebook, both overheated from puppy adventures, to give her my full attention.

"Tilde and me erected a union according to local Danish rule. I am elected as its spokesperson to convey our demands."

The feeling that the Hovawart conspiracy to take over the house everybody has been warning me about had started, crept up on me.

"Wait a second. We live according to Dutch rule here, and in Holland unions play no..."

Zerline interrupted me, "We demand a bigger dog bed each."

"My dear union leader. Both your beds are the same size with the same sheep skin so they wouldn't give any trouble between the both of you. Don't unions like it when everybody is treated equal? Also, might I bring forward, you are still a lot smaller than..."

Not impressed, Zerline interrupted me again, "I can't reach my tiger toy from the bed which is proof, technically, the bed is too small. See the photographic evidence above we brought forward to support our claim."

I studied the evidence provided, in an attempt to buy time. "Surely you could move your tiger..."

"According to part I, paragraph VI, in the adoption contract you signed with my real family, you are obliged to supply me with the materials and care I need. I also need to add, since we formed a union, this now also applies to Tilde therefore she will have a bigger bed too."


"That's agreed then. We will give you a fortnight to correct the situation."

"Tilde?! What is your say on this, surely..."

"Don't look at me. I am busy writing the minutes."



  1. Uh oh, you better hope they don't decide to strike. ;)

  2. Looking forward to the next instalment.


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