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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bold and Bolder

It was the moment I had been waiting for. The moment in which I could witness Tilde and Zerline to truly connect. To find each other, enjoy each other's company while forging a bond on the road that leads to a true friendship.

After all, it was what it was all about. To find a new friend for Tilde to share her adventures with. A friend after Kenzo.

I remember when I visited Atie for the first time and discussed with her and Astrid - the breeder of Amber, Zerline's mother - what kind of a dog Tilde is. How her unmistakable energy is a mouthful for many, even Hovawarts, and a possible newcomer should have a robust character.

In the end I concluded that either way, Tilde would welcome a puppy from this litter, maybe not right away as everything is "hers" but at least after the first week she would accept her. Just because she is an outgoing and friendly girl. But there is still a gap in between just to accept and becoming real friends. Accept wasn't good enough.

Although I was confident when I left Atie that day, it still felt as a leap of faith. You can imagine how in the weeks of waiting and preparing for Zerline I managed to come up with at least a thousand things that could go wrong. Confidence blurred into unnecessary worry.

As you already know from the first time Tilde and Zerline met - roughly one and a half week ago - none of the above happened. To my surprise Tilde showed a gentler side of herself. A side, which I had never seen in her before.

Sometimes wonderful things do happen. Despite all the unnecessary worrying and what-if's I could ask myself in advance. I learned something about myself too. I am not a worrier at all, but when it is about the dogs, I do worry. It underlines their importance to me. How much more they mean to me than I care to admit.

A happy beginning is born. Tilde and Zerline are already in the moment. How dogs are the true masters of that skill. I will join them there, laugh about their antics, watch their relationship grow and keep my worries at bay.

Zerline is all we have hoped for. I am still getting to know her. One thing is for sure. The bold puppy has just gotten bolder too.


  1. So thankful that you're taking the time to record the changes in your family as they happen. I love it. But it will also be a lovely record for you as Zerline grows up and you want to recall her first days with you.

    I don't know how you find the time. I remember hardly getting a moment to myself when Honey was a puppy. Perhaps you have the benefit of Tilde keeping watch for you?

    1. It's such a joy. I think I have already more than a thousand photos. Luckily I can write and process photos while she takes naps during the day. The days have gotten longer too miraculously - up before 6am for potty break!
      (btw my 2-week vacation helps too ;)


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