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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tilde, Meet Zerline. Zerline, Meet The Wild Thing

The sight of Tilde coming around the corner caught Zerline's eye and immediately aroused her curiosity. She quickly trotted forward to meet that dog, who must have looked a lot like her mother Amber to her.

After traveling 1600 kilometers by plane and car, meeting more new people on one day than she had done in her entire 8 week life. After leaving her family behind and only being accompanied by a stranger, she finally reached her new home. But who was that dog approaching her?

Zerline was taken aback by the energy Tilde radiated. It was not her mother and it acted a lot like a puppy. It was just so huge too. When we got Tilde over her initial excitement, they exchanged their first sniff. I wondered if they recognized the scent of the pieces of cloth Atie and me had exchanged by mail the week before.

When we walked back to the property through the garden Tilde realized we had a guest. Surely now she could play with the newcomer? She did what she could, and among other things made her special puppy fly-over, she came running from the back, jumped over Zerline while making a U-turn in the air to land in a perfect playbow just in front of her with the biggest smile smeared on her face she could muster.

Even that didn't work and now it was Tilde's turn to be taken aback. What was the point, she must have thought, of a visitor who doesn't want to play? Zerline had her own thoughts after sniffing one of Tilde's nipples. What was the point of this huge dog, if she doesn't have milk?

The next day we had nothing to do other than to explore the garden and to serve Zerline with her needs for play, rest, and cuddles. Tilde was doing her utmost to explore her gentle side - who would have thought that - and was happy to share her toys with Zerline. Along the day it had its effect on Zerline, who refound her bolder self until by the end of the day she made her first bold step.

Play barking at The Wild Thing? Well now, who would have thought that.



  1. What a wonderful adventure you're all embarking on -- and it's off to an auspicious start! Congratulations that your new family member made it home, and best of luck with finding a balance soon, or a very enjoyable imbalance!

  2. Thank you for sharing the greeting with all of us. Sounds like the beginning of a lovely relationship. It will be fun watching Tilde and Zerline discover sides of themselves they (and you) never knew.

  3. So cute. Welcome home, Zerline. May you and Tilde become lifelong friends.


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