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Monday, July 10, 2017

Breaking: Copenhagen Is Secured

Zerline took one look around the premises and knew it. This new place they call her home wasn't up to Hovawart standards at all. It was lacking some essential features. How could she keep her family safe in a place with so many gaping security holes. Zerline wasted no time. There was Hovawart-work to do!

First, she found a good elevated look-out post from where she could observe the territory and plan the improvements which were so desperately needed.

She dug some pitfalls...

Then placed some trip wires...

Found the best spot to launch ambushes from ...

Finally, after a couple of days of hard work, she could observe the fruits of her labor.

Zerline was pleased. We were safe now.



  1. What does Ms Tilde think about all these alterations. After all, she's been on duty quite a bit longer.

    1. Ms Tilde is going around showing Zerline where she missed a spot!

  2. So sweet that she is already on the job!


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