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Friday, July 28, 2017

Hovawart TV: Digging A Team

When you dig as a team you can get deeper and move more sand when you work together. Trying to own the pit won't give any progress, and practicing dry breaststroke swims in it won't either. To dig, in itself, is the goal. Tilde seems to get that. But can she teach puppy Zerline to dig in the same direction?

I spell the future for team-digs to be bright.

We arrived in some sort of copying phase where Zerline tries to imitate Tilde. When it's feeding time, I have to navigate between two dogs instead of one, both dancing on their hind legs in the kitchen making small pirouettes of happiness. Even though the coordination of Zerline's limbs are not on ballet level yet and what started as a beautiful swirling dance often finds its Waterloo flat on the floor, she doesn't give up trying.

She also starts to discover what makes Tilde tick.

You might recognize the orange Chuck-it! ball, which in fifty percent of all the photos on this blog is attached to Tilde's left canine.

Zerline did too, and knows when she owns it, she'll have Tilde's undivided attention and the possibilities for some mischief and teasing her big sister just became endless. I tried with one ball for each, which only made them look confused at me for being such a bore.

The team grows, while they explore when to own, when to share and when to work together.

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